Organization & People

Senior Management

Chris Samborski


Douglas Bopst

Vice President of Sales & Commercial Excellence

Brad Vernier

Vice President of Operations

Aileen Gibson

Vice President of Technical Services

Sam Chan

Vice President of Finance, Division Controller

Sales and Marketing

Rob Aldave

Sales Manager - U.S. Eastern Region, Canada, Asia, Australia

Douglas Bopst

Sales Manager - Africa, Europe, Middle East, Russia

Colin May

Sales Manager - U.S. Central Region

Darryl Stafford

Sales Manager - U.S. Southern & Western Regions, Mexico, Central & South America

Wade Weaver

General Manager - Dolomitic Lime

Customer Service

(inside the U.S.)

For after hours calls (after 5 pm Eastern Time, Mon-Fri) and/or emergency orders, please call +1-410-288-8348, or +1-513-267-3007.