Organization & People

Senior Management

Chris Samborski


Douglas Bopst

Vice President of Sales

Jim Reithel

Vice President of Operations

Aileen Gibson

Vice President of Technical Services

Sam Chan

Vice President of Finance, Division Controller

Sales and Marketing

Rob Aldave

Sales Manager - U.S. Eastern Region, Canada, Asia, Australia

Douglas Bopst

Sales Manager - Africa, Europe, Middle East, Russia

Colin May

Sales Manager - U.S. Central Region

Darryl Stafford

Sales Manager - U.S. Southern & Western Regions, Mexico, Central & South America

Wade Weaver

General Manager - Dolomitic Lime

Customer Service

(inside the U.S.)

For after hours calls (after 5 pm Eastern Time, Mon-Fri) and/or emergency orders, please call +1-410-288-8348, or +1-513-267-3007.